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Flat BUM ^_^
February 23, 2010, 7:27 am
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made a come back with my school AFL team after a whole year this afternoon, gawd i missed those good times. today’s game was  very nasty. i got elbowed in the jaw by a big grade 12 girl D:… thick tears welled in my eyes because of the godly pain and i thought  she snapped my jaw %$#@!. but no i didnt back down like a sissy but scored a few goals chyeeaah boy! yupp i learnt my lesson wear a mouth guard next week missy !

getting new footy boots this saturday cuz my other red adidas ones are too squishy for my toes ^_^ yay!

mhh i think it was yesterday.. the  heavy wooden  plaster thing on my bedroom ceiling dropped just before i got home from skool >< lol luckily it didnt dropped on me while i was sleeping.

this  whole week is going to be boring and lonely in Jap and Bio cuz candice & sarah are out doing their work experience. 😦

until then… i have my assignments to accompany now

p.s. wifey ilyy and happy 12months bby ;]
p. p. s laylay you are uber cute!


side by side just you and me.
February 19, 2010, 10:34 am
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yes i am alive thankyou very much 8)

i’m making the most out of everyday and creating memories here and there. life’s pretty cruisy and im loving it so far.

big hearts to my lovely qa girls, you guys are always in my heart<3


it’s my bday can i ask for one thing? xD
December 30, 2009, 10:49 am
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ni hao,
i hope everyone had a joyful christmas (:.

 so for the past few hot summer days, i have done nothing more than spending my parent’s money on myself -guilt :P-. dfo airport and chermside were the places you could  find me weaving in and out of stores lol.

anyways christmas this year was a bit different from the other years.  2 and a half BIG families were staying at ours for the night. wee it was childish but still eventful. omg lol my bedroom was cramped with mattrasses and country road bags and pillows and 4 girls = =. psh i didnt even get to sleep in my own bed that night TT. due to the high sugar in my system that night, i didnt seemed to be bothered and i think i sang to them with my corny voice while they slept :$

moving on… almost finished my 1000 jigsaw  puzzle! woot woot!

i have been soloing that puzzle for half a month now -proud-. hopefully i get to finish it by new years 😀

alright its 8:47 pm im dead. night night.

2 glasses of milk each day
December 21, 2009, 2:50 am
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wow this blog thing looks pretty much dead to me.

i blame the drama IRIS =__=, psh making me feel paranoid about the net for the past couple of weeks. lol and now you are probably thinking.. what the hell is she going on about.. i have two words watch IRIS and another two more GO NOW!

i planned on sleeping over loan’s last night but my other aunty fighted over me first –” meh. end up staying over my aunty’s place and leeched her internet and food for the whole night/ early morning while everyone was sleeping on saturday night. (H)

got a cheap haircut while i was at the southside as well. hmm the layers literally rapes kills my hair 😦 but i guess its good  thing that my hair is thinned down (save water and time washing it).

OMG lol! atm im currently offering nooby piano lessons to vi xD. this is coming from an ex piano student who started piano in grade two and quitted piano ever since grade 7 to teach a senior high school student. hah! it`s gonna be memorable i rekon (: and shes paying me with her body, right vi ?;) jkjsk ily.

well have a very merry christmas and a properous new year guys
peace out.

hermit  x

December 3, 2009, 10:32 am
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aiyaah! holidays so far are super duper… average atm. mum’s working everyday except sunday until near christmas.that means that their are less shopping and spending money for the mean time which is seriously depressing/emo news.

i havent done alot for the past week, just bumming around the house and killing time with my bro. zomg i started jogging everyday for the past 3 days and by the rate im going is sort of heading nowhere T___T. after about 3km i get  a headache and the world spins infront of me. Is this a sign of unfitness because i couldnt even do bladdy 2 sit ups in a row today ._. ._.

Oh yesh my baby PS3  finally arrived yesterday :D:D. its so sexy, now i can watch IRIS in big screen and surf the net and watch dramas on big screen ;D

tomorrow im definitely jogging:@ grrr, reading, buying/searching for a electronic chinese translator for my mando studies and get vanessa poo her bday present which i have no idea what to get :/ that woman and hopefully go late night shopping with mum if she comes home early.

arlight going to write my little short story for my pretty lady vi now.



Short Piece
December 1, 2009, 2:41 pm
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***this is really embarassing putting my writing on this virtual THING, but vi im doing this for you woman because ILY.***

to be updated soon, stay tuned (^..^)

December 1, 2009, 3:01 am
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